Common Toilet Problems

Leaking Tank
If you notice the toilet leaks after it is flushed, detect a presence of sewer odors, or see the toilet rocks back and forth, most likely the wax toilet bowl ring needs replacement. This involves removing the toilet from the floor and installing a new wax bowl ring.

Clogged Toilet
If an object is accidentally dropped into the toilet or it overflows when flushed, the toilet is clogged. Obstructions can be removed by plunging the toilet or with a plumbers snake. If snaking does not correct the problem, Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating will examine the drainage, waste and venting pipe system for corrosion, sediment buildup, or main line clogs.

Running Toilet
The constant sound of running water or need to jiggle the lever to stop the flow of water means the flushing mechanism needs to be adjusted or replaced. Call Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating to stop a toilet from running water.

High Water Pressure
If water flows down the sides of the toilet bowl a long time after flushing, your home may have high water pressure. High water pressure can wreak havoc on home water systems over time. To fix high water pressure, Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating will install a pressure relief value on the main line to the home.