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Woodford Frost-proof Faucets

Bill Smith Plumbing strongly recommends replacing all outdoor faucets, known as silcocks, with frost-proof products. This is a great and easy way to avoid basement flooding. To learn more about preventing outdoor faucet freezing, click here to fill out a service request form.

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Avoid Basement Flooding

Flooded basements can happen when you leave a hose attached to an outdoor faucet and a hard freeze occurs. Water in the hose fails to drain, and when the water freezes, it pushes ice up the hose into your house. Then, the ice splits the pipe inside the wall. If the pipe is in the basement, the next time the water is turned on, the burst pipe will fill the wall with water causing the basement to flood. You can avoid this common scenario by calling Bill Smith Plumbing to install Woodford frost-proof outdoor faucets, known as silcocks. Call now for an appointment.

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