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Get Your Gas Appliances Checked for Leaks

Gas safety checks keep your home safe. Natural gas and propane are popular fuels for heating homes in Denver for a reason. They are abundant, burn clean and are economical. However, they are also dangerous. Because of this, Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating recommends homeowners periodically check their homes for natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure.

Carbon Monoxide exposure comes from faulty venting or incomplete combustion of natural gas. The Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating technician does a gas safety check around each gas appliance. If a problem is found, we’ll give you a quote to remedy the problem. We start taking service calls at 8 a.m. and are open Monday – Friday. For an appointment, please fill out the service request form below or call us at 303-781-7856  for an appointment.

Heating Service Offerings

Our reputation as a fair-minded and established plumbing and HVAC service company has earned us the nicknames “No Gimmicks Plumber” and “The House of Water Heaters.” We also offer the following heating installation and replacement services:

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Annual Furnace Maintenance

Be a smart homeowner and get your gas furnace, boiler and/or water heater serviced annually. Bill Smith Plumbing & heating recommends annual service for two reasons—money and safety. We’ll check out your gas appliances to ensure they are operating to the manufacturer’s specifications so they run as efficiently as possible. A fine tuned furnace, boiler or water heater uses less energy, which saves you money. Finally, appliances that are running as they should be are safer. All good reasons to get those gas appliances checked each year. Call Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating for an appointment today.

Checking for Natural Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide and methane are two gases that can leak from gas appliances and can be dangerous if undetected. Leaks happen when cracked or broken heating system components aren’t fixed or obstructed venting isn’t cleared. Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating technicians will come to your home and inspect your gas appliances for any faulty components. Most importantly, we’ll check for dangerous gases. If levels are too high, we’ll complete the repairs so your home remains safe. Annual furnace or boiler maintenance is the best strategy to avoid carbon monoxide exposure in homes. Call us today to inspect your appliances and keep you safe.

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