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Toilet Service & Installation

Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating offers toilet service to fix common problems such as leaking, blockage and running. We are a licensed, insured, and an A+ BBB-rated business! We start taking toilet service calls at 8 a.m. and are open Monday – Friday. Please click here to fill out a request service form or call us at 303-781-7856 for an appointment.

We use Toto Toilets for replacement. Evolving out of Japan’s pottery and porcelain history over a century ago, Toto Toilets produces a reliable toilet that flushes well, meets the highest quality standards, and is easy to service. Toto’s motto is “Quality and Uniformity. Service and Trust. Cooperation and Prosperity.” Bill Smith Plumbing embraces this motto.

Other Plumbing Services

Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating is a locally owned, value-priced plumbing company in business since 1956. We are known as the “No Gimmicks Plumber” and “House of Water Heaters” in Denver. We earned these nicknames because we deliver quality services at a fair price. Besides toilet service and replacement, we offer the following additional plumbing services:

Common Toilet Problems

Leaking Tank

Water on the floor after you flush your toilet, ever-present sewer odors, or a commode rocking back and forth indicate a leaking tank or a broken wax ring. Installing a new wax ring takes some skill since it involves removing the toilet from the floor.


Clogged Toilet

Kids love to “accidentally” drop objects in and flush to see what happens. Plumbers remove obstructions by plunging the toilet or using a plumber’s snake. If these techniques fail, we unfasten the commode from the floor to dislodge any trapped object.


Running Toilet

The sound of running water all the time from your toilet can be a nuisance and be costly. A running toilet usually means the toilet flushing mechanism needs adjustment or replacement.


High Water Pressure

If water flows down the sides of your toilet bowl after flushing, the home’s water pressure may be too high. Over time, high water pressure can wreak havoc on the home water system.

If any of these toilet issues fit the situation, call 303-781-7856. We are at your service.

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