We just had one of your service reps replace our hot water heater. Just thought I’d let you know that Mike was courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient, and I really couldn’t be happier with his work. Also, I spoke with Dan after hours on Saturday, and on the strength of that conversation I decided to wait until Monday to go with you rather than use AAA or one of the other companies that were available over the weekend. To top it off, the bill was actually less than your estimate. Upshot is that it was a very pleasant experience, and we will be recommending Bill Smith Plumbing to our friends. Nice job, you guys!
To all the Smith-Plumbing-Crew who helped us get our sewer-pipes flowing again. That was a nasty and difficult job to master! We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and professional demeanor. Each one of you showed calm and patience during this stressful time. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Very Satisfied Customers
Alden and Bridgette L

My Sincere Thanks to Gina, Michael and Brandon for providing friendly proficient services for your company. I called to have a drain cleaned in my home. Gina was friendly, helpful, and courteous. Michael and Brandon completed the service in a timely manner. And were very helpful with information provided regarding other issues I asked about. I look forward to working with your company again – and have already referred your company to my friend.

Thanks again,

Nancy G.

Hi mom, Pass this on please:

My name is SSG Michael Barnes and I am currently deployed with the United States Army in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My family has been doing business with your company for some years and recently I had asked my mom to send me a 220v water heater element for a make shift shower that we had built in the building we live in. When she explained the situation to one of your employees, the gentleman brought out the element and when my mom asked what the charge was, the gentleman responded, “NO charge, ma’am, this one’s on us”.

On behalf of myself and the other service members that live in our building, I would like to say “Thank You” very much for your generosity and we appreciate the fact that your company and employees support us in this cause. Once again, my deepest thanks and gratitude.

Sincerely, Michael B.

Thank you for taking care of our needs these many years and for this most recent service at our duplex on Logan Street. He was calm and competent even while water was gushing out everywhere when our pipe broke unexpectedly. He quickly got things under control and cleaned up the mess and then made the repair with minimal damage to the wall under the sink. His attitude and demeanor helped keep me from freaking out which was much appreciated.

He was extremely professional during everything. He is definitely an asset to your company.

Thank you also for getting the second part of our job done the next day. As I mentioned to Lou, I was on a very short time line for getting the work done before I had to come back home to San Diego. Being able to be there while the work was done was important to me (and to our future tenant) and I am grateful that you were able to schedule the work to meet my needs.

Thanks again and please tell Lou thanks too!


o All The Great Folks at Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating: Thank you for fixing my water heater. I have had problems with it not staying lit for over a year now and have had several servicemen out including public service twice. None of them were able to correct the problem. I called Bill Smith and they had Luther out in a few hours. He was very thorough and professional. I appreciate the fact that he said he was only seeing 60% of the problem and felt there was more to this water heater situation than he was seeing. He changed out the control valve with a spare valve that I had on another water heater. He inspected the gas orifices and said he would research further with his boss and set up the water heater to operate safely for the weekend. Monday 8 am I get a call from Bill Smith and technicians arrived promptly. They resolved the problem by adjusting settings regarding LP or natural gas.

I appreciate the honest and professional service. You guys know what you are doing!


Melanie H.

Dear Bill Smith’s Plumbing & Heating Customer Service,

We would like to write and thank you for recently providing us with excellent customer service. We bought our house in April and noticed right away that the hot water didn’t seem “hot enough”. Then in November the water heater started to leak from the nozzle located at the bottom. We had two flat rate plumbers come out to look at the water heater. Both told us we needed a new water heater (even though ours was only 7 years old) and we were quoted $1750 and $2100 for the new water heater with installation. After receiving these high quotes, Steve and Nancy O. recommend that we call you. They had used Bill Smith’s to replace an old water heater and found the price to be much more reasonable. We called and were quoted $951 plus tax and permit and we thought that price was reasonable. Since we were told by two other plumbers that we needed a new water heater, we scheduled an appointment to have one installed. When Dan came out to install our water heater he noticed right away that we did not need a new water heater and called Jonathan (we were at work, Steve O. was at our house) to discuss fixing the water heater instead. We were very surprised and pleased that Dan suggested fixing the water heater for much less than replacing it. We would like to thank you for having such honest and caring employees. After Dan fixed our water heater it is working great! Thank you again for such great customer service. We definitely know who to call when we have other plumbing and heating problems!!

Jonathan O. and Courtney B.


I want to thank the men in your company who figured out why our heating was not working and fixed it. We had 3 different companies come over the course of 17 years try to fix it and after a lot of time and money gave up. My neighbor Marni K., said that your company had fixed a problem for her and I was willing to try it again. The men who came to the house were professional, knowledgeable and very capable. I really appreciate what they did.

Sincerely, Anne N.

Dear Bryan,

I very much appreciate the extra trouble you went to in order to repair the water heater in my home. I am also grateful that you were able to get the parts replaced that were under warranty. You saved me a great deal of trouble, to say nothing of the additional expense. You and your company are on my list of maintenance people and I will make a point of recommending you to my neighbors.

Yours truly, Robert W.

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