Heating System Installation

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Heating System Installation

Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating offers heating system installation services. Like any other appliance, heating systems wear out and need replacement. We are dedicated to helping you find the right-sized heating system for your home and budget. Our trained heating technicians will install your new heating system quickly and with the latest techniques. Call us, a licensed, insured and an A+ BBB business! We start taking service calls at 8 a.m. and are open Monday – Friday. For an appointment, please fill out the service request form below or call us at 303-781-7856  for an appointment.

Rheem Furnace Installation

Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating offers Rheem products for new furnace installations. Richard and Donald Rheem started the company in San Francisco in the 1920s. And, today it is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is known for its innovation, high quality and reliable products. Bill Smith Plumbing has been installing Rheem furnaces in the Denver area for years, and we think you’ll agree with Rheem’s motto: “Welcome to the New Degree of Comfort” when you get your new system. Our high quality, no gimmicks service complements Rheem’s products. Let us get you more comfortable with a new Rheem furnace. Call us today!



Rheem carries a complete line of eighty percent efficiency and ninety-plus percent efficiency gas furnaces. The eighty percent models are less expensive, while the higher efficiency models cost more but will lower a homeowner’s energy cost over the lifespan of the heating system. If natural gas prices happen to go up, the payback will be faster.

Heating Service Offerings

Our reputation as a fair-minded and established plumbing and HVAC service company has earned us the nicknames “No Gimmicks Plumber” and “The House of Water Heaters.” We also offer the following heating installation and replacement services:

We are a locally owned, value-priced plumbing company with an A+ BBB Accredited Business rating. Click here to review our BBB webpage.

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Residential Heating System Sizing

Undersized or oversized furnaces cycle on and off too often and waste energy. Since it is improperly sized, the wear and tear will shorten the lifespan of the furnace. It is important that you hire an experienced furnace installation and replacement company to avoid this problem. Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating knows how to properly calculate the right sized furnace system. We base the load calculations on home size, window, insulation in the walls and roof to determine the appropriate furnace capacity. You won’t get any gimmicks from us. Only high-quality service. We want to help you. Call us now.

Baseboard and Radiant Hot Water Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems are more efficient than baseboard heating and forced-air heating because of the elimination of duct losses. Radiant heat is a great choice for people with allergies since allergens are not distributed in to the air like forced air systems. Give us a call for a consultation.

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